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Gather up all of your old prints, slides and videotapes and fill our Gather Bag to have them all converted to digital media.  Whatever fits in the Gather Bag for one price.

Once we’ve finished converting the contents of the bag, fill it up again with more!

Preserve your memories.  Don’t let time or tragedies to cause them to disappear.

Maybe you are cleaning out your parents’ basement or attic.  Maybe you need old pictures or videotapes converted for a slideshow or put on Facebook.

Stop by the MotoPhoto in Shaker Heights to pick up your Gather Bag and fill it up today!

    • Choose one of the following or Mix & Match
      • 15 VHS or Hi8 tapes
      • 1,800 pictures
      • 500 slides
      • 7 tapes and 900 prints
      • 7 tapes and 250 prints
      • 900 prints and 250 slides
    • STUFF
      • Purchase a bag, stuff it with your cherished memories and trust us to do the rest!
    • SHARE
      • We will make it easy to share your collection by archiving everything onto DVDs or USBs.

Gather Bag